A Day in the Life of a Gummy Maker:

Become a Gummy Maker in Three Weeks:

Beginning any journey can be scary. Especially when you’re putting your livelihood and career on the line. Becoming a gummy maker used to be like this. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be profitable from Day 1 when you take part in our Turn-key Gummy Lab program. Check out what it’s like to live a day as a gummy maker and see how rewarding the experience can be.

Morning Planning.

Walking into a lab in the morning can be very peaceful. Everything is clean, equipment is ready to go, and it’s the perfect time to plan your day. Working with retail and wholesale clients brings lots of complexities. If you produce X amount of gummies a day, it’s always good to have a plan. Also, if you plan your whole day at the beginning, the rest will come easy.

Measuring Time.

After you’ve planned and figured out your schedule, it’s time to get to the hands on work. We start by first measuring out all of our ingredients. Our ingredients include water to start the process, pectin for consistency (which is vegan!), and sugar for taste. Depending on your business, you can also measure out and add your active at this point. Actives that we generally use are hemp extracts, functional mushrooms, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and more. We also include natural flavoring and make sure the gummies ingredients are non-GMO.

Mixing and Molding.

After the liquid has been spreach into the molds, the “almost” gummies sit in a chiller for a certain amount of time. This is a good time to start other orders, plan for your week, or take a look at any processes that may need improving. After patiently waiting, the gummies will be in a more solid form and it is time to start demolding. When demolding you want to make sure the gummies are consistent and they are not sticking to the mold or have any other issues. Once the gummies are demolded it’s time for one last quality check and then time to start the packaging process.


Once your gummies have cured, it’s time to start packaging the gummies. We will give you recommended portions when working with you to create your very own gummy lab. One of our retail clients packages their products in 60 and 120 count as they discovered that was the quatinity their customers desired. It’s really up to you and your brand on how you would like to package and sell your gummies. So many possibilities!

Wrap Up.

Now that you know the average day in the life of a gummy maker, it seems pretty great right? You can create your own candy factory with help from us. The best thing about teaming up with Infinite Product Company to create your own gummy lab is that we have been through it before. We’ve gone through the failures and fixed the issues we know about so that you don’t have to. Reach out to a representative today to learn more about our Turn-key gummy lab program and start the process of building your dream lab today.